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Parent Teacher Organization

The VMS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an informal association of parents, staff and teachers whose purpose is to:

enhance and support the childrens' educational experience;

develop a close connection between school and home by encouraging parent participation and input; and

improve the overall environment - outside and in - of VMS through volunteer and financial support.

Activities that relate to the improvement of VMS include: procurement of supplemental classroom materials, educational services, and extracurricular activities such as music, art, foreign language lessons, and drama; property maintenance and enhancement; planning and participation in special classroom activities; and outreach to alumnae and the local community.

Membership is open to all parents.  At the end of each school year officers are elected who run monthly meetings, keep track of PTO finances, and organize PTO activities.  Subcommittees are formed on an as-needed basis to help accomplish the yearly goals of the PTO.  In recent years these have included a Playground Committee, Alumnae Outreach Committee, Fundraising Committee, and Classroom Parents Group.

One of the main activities of the PTO each year is orchestrating fundraising events uch as the Big Night Out silent and live auction, Casino Night, Touch A Truck, bake sales, and/or yard sales.  Monies raised from these yearly events are used to pay for extracurricular activities, classroom visitors and materials, appreciation gifts for staff and faculty, fun events throughout the year, and to provide scholarships to families who can benefit from tuition assistance.